In over 25 years, HortScience, Inc. has served more than 1000 clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, the United States, and abroad.  These include state, local and federal governments, public agencies and institutions, and commercial clients such as development professionals, engineers, architects, landscape architects, and landscape managers.


Clients Services
Developer, Builder, Engineer Tree preservation reports
  Construction monitoring
  Tree appraisal
  Tree risk assessment
  Homeowner Association landscape management
  Landscape installation specifications and inspections
Landscape Architect, Site analysis and soil testing
Landscape Contractor Plant palette review
  Tree preservation consultation
  Problem diagnosis
  Landscape installation inspections and specifications
  Tree management plans
  Irrigation with recylced water
Public Agency Street tree inventories
  Tree management plans
  Tree appraisals
  Tree risk assessment and management
  Tree preservation reports and monitoring
  Training programs
  Applied research
  Irrigation with recycled water
Golf Course, Corporate Tree management plans
Campus, Property Manager,         Tree risk assessment and management
Owner Association Problem diagnosis
  Tree appraisals
  Landscape assessment and maintenance recommendations
  Irrigation with recycled water



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