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HortScience | Bartlett Consulting provides training for arborists, landscape professionals, urban foresters, designers, engineers, planners, and others interested in enhancing their professional skills in horticulture, arboriculture, and urban forestry.  We can design, develop, and implement training programs to meet your specific needs.


Our educational topics include:

  • Tree risk assessment and management 
  • Tree preservation for development: assessment, planning, construction, and maintenance
  • Planning and managing landscapes using recycled and desalinated water
  • Water conservation in landscape irrigation
  • Sustainable urban forest assessment and management
  • Diagnosing and remedying landscape plant problems
  • Site evaluation and management
  • Training young trees
  • Mature tree management
  • Golf course tree management

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HortScience, Inc. consultants have the scientific training and practical experience to investigate and solve complex tree, landscape, and urban forest management issues.


Our research projects have ranged from developing a national urban forest sustainability model to evaluating the effects of landscape irrigation with desalinated water.  Our goal is to collect and analyze information that leads to workable solutions.




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Our work is based in research, augmented with practical experience, and delivered with an enthusiasm for education.

Bartlett Tree Experts

HortScience is now a division of Bartlett Tree Experts. We are supported by the Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories and its team of scientists and technicians, which is a significant resource that enables us to enhance our consulting services. Bartlett is also a world-class tree care company that has been in business for over one hundred years. HortScience | Bartlett Consulting will operate independently, but if you have need of tree care, local Bartlett offices are available to provide a full range of tree care services, including pruning and pest management.

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